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About The Book

Political Buffoons dupe YOU... Every Election Year!

Have you ever listened to a politician speaking, and thought to yourself: Man, what an idiot! This is the best we got?

Well, the short answer is: YES. Because you, me, all of us…we let it happen. Every election, we get duped, either unwittingly or willingly, by a politician who often turns out to be just another Political Buffoon.

It's Time To Break The Cycle Of Political Buffoonery!

Schnooks, Crooks, Liars & Scoundrels: A Field Guide To Identifying Political Buffoonery is a satirical look at the absurdity that has overtaken our political discourse, and what we each can do to combat it.

Through his experiences as an election attorney, blogger, columnist, and award-winning podcaster, Gene Berardelli has developed a totally made-up, semi-serious, totally hilarious pseudoscience called: “Buffoonology” seeking to quantify what makes Political Buffoons tick.

Featuring a foreword by Evan Sayet, and amazing political illustrations by John Pennisi, each chapter exposes and analyzes known traits and characteristics common to each Buffoon classification. Much like your typical nature field guide, readers are shown “case studies” from American history and current events that illustrate Buffoons in action.

Never Get Duped Again!

After reading Schnooks, Crooks, Liars & Scoundrels, you'll be ready to spot and call out the next Political Buffoon. Pick up the award-winning, Amazon No. 1 Best Seller today!

What is Buffoonology?

Our totally made up (and awesome) pseudoscience.
  • Everyone is a Buffoon in some way

    Nobody's perfect, after all. We all have our own Buffoonish Nature. Recognition is key.

  • Some Buffoons Are Bigger Than Others

    Especially in politics, where the opportunities to commit acts of public buffoonery drastically increase.

  • Buffoons Can't Correct Themselves

    Political Buffoons are surrounded by sycophants and "yes" people. It's our job to call them out.

  • If Buffoons Don't Change, Then Vote Them Out

    Sounds simple, right? Except voters don't recognize buffoons fast enough. That's where the book helps!

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    "A Satire, Pointed By Truth"

    Each chapter presents a discrete Buffoon classification complete with a discussion of known traits and characteristics generally common within the classification.

    Making the Case Against Buffoonery

    Each chapter then presents case studies from both history and modern-day news and current events to flesh out the recognition of each classification’s characteristics and traits.

    The Sharpton Scale of Buffoonery

    Each chapter concludes with an example of that particular classification of buffoon from the only known perfect Buffoon in American history; Rev. Al Sharpton!

    Blog of Buffoonery

    Everything About Gene and The Book
    That is all

    The Dream Team!

    The People Who Made The Book Possible

    By day, Gene Berardelli is a street-smart New York trial attorney who has earned millions for his clients. He has become a notable NY Election Law specialist whose opinions have been cited in scholarly works, presented in the news, and featured in print articles. By night, he is a national award-winning podcaster, political columnist, and an all-around sarcastic content creator; focusing satirically on the decay plaguing today’s politics, society, and culture.

    Written By
    Gene Berardelli

    Evan is a noted writer and political commentator. A stand-up comedian, television writer, and video producer Evan went on a quest to figure out what he calls "The Modern Liberal" mindset after his liberal friends' response to 9/11. His popular talk to the Heritage Foundation on "How The Modern Liberal Thinks" has received over 600,000 views on YouTube,

    Foreword by
    Evan Sayet

    John Pennisi is a dynamic artist and illustrator best known for his sports cartoons, which have appeared in books and other publications, including for the annual dinner of the Baseball Writers Association of America. This book marks his first set of political illustrations.

    Illustrated By
    John Pennisi

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