Know Your Buffoons! Buffoonicus supersillyous

Want a sneak preview of the book? This is the best way to "Know Your Buffoons". First, we highlight the most innocuous of Buffoons: Buffoonicus supersillyous - the "B.S. Buffoon."

One of the highlights of working on this was getting the magnificent John Pennisi to provide some very unique illustrations of the Buffoons highlighted in the book itself. Each one is the personification of a different classification of Buffoon, which is explained in each main chapter. 

Here's Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia, who once asked the Army Corps of Engineers if putting more military resources and troops on the island of Guam would cause the island itself to capsize. Yes, this is an actual documented question during a Congressional committee hearing!

John is the personification of the "B.S. Buffoon". The dominant characteristic of this rather common and typically harmless Buffoon suffers from an overabundance of self-confidence that masks a deficiency in their nature or ability which ultimately becomes their undoing. In many ways, the “B.S” Buffoon is reminiscent of a young child who knows without a doubt that they can reach that top shelf or turn a cartwheel on their first try. The attempt often ends in a charming failure that all involved can laugh off as a learning experience. But while the child learns from failure, the “B.S.” Buffoon rarely does.

With "B.S Buffoons" like this, Congress can truly be call the U.S. House of Buffoons! Go get the book to learn more about this and many other kinds of Buffoons!

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