Know Your Buffoons! Buffoonicus detesticus


Want a sneak preview of the book? Here's the eleventh - and final - in our series where we help you "Know Your Buffoons", featuring the amazing art of John Pennisi - Buffoonicus detesticus. 

This Buffoon - The Radioactive - is more defined by the ultimate outcome of their political misadventures than they are by the sum total of them. When you carry the ones and arrive at the sum total of the Radioactive’s actions, we see that s/he caused such irreparable harm to their reputation, legacy and/or credibility, that simply invoking their name recalls the awfulness of their loathsome activity. In extreme cases, even a distant connection to a Radioactive politico can spread the toxicity to others. 

One of the more recent examples of a Buffoon turning radioactive is former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. While I won't go through the litany of buffoon actions in his career, let's remember how his political career seemingly ended. Cuomo went down in infamy not only for the tens of thousands of seemingly-preventable deaths of seniors who were unreasonably exposed to COVID-19 thanks to Cuomo's executive order, but also for his resignation amid allegations of sexual impropriety. 

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